COVID-19 Vaccine Helpline

If you are unable to book your COVID vaccination online

Call MGP on 8840 1400

The COVID-19 vaccination is the largest, most complicated vaccination program to have ever been rolled out worldwide. In addition, there have been issues with supply of vaccinations. MGP is well placed to roll out mass vaccinations, however there is a waitlist due to limited supply of vaccinations. We strongly recommend you put yourself on the vaccination waitlist if you meet the current government eligibility criteria.

In order to allocate our vaccine stock most effectively, we strongly encourage online bookings. Online bookings is the fastest, most reliable way of reserving your vaccination. However we understand online bookings are not always feasible or practical. In these situations, we have setup this dedicated helpline to assist in booking your COVID vaccination. 

All of us can fight COVID together. Practice social distancing and hand hygiene, wear a face mask if you are heading outside your home. And if you have any respiratory symptoms, get a COVID test done and isolate at home until your results are available.

COVID testing At Manningham General Practice, we make sure that our patients are attended with utmost care and precision. Schedule your appointment with us now!