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Bulk Billed COVID-19 testing 7 days a week

We are in the midst of a second wave of COVID-19 infections, with cases in Victoria eclipsing the rest of the country. Eastern suburbs including Lower Templestowe have seen a rise in COVID cases. For most people who have been infected the illness is either without symptoms or like a mild flu-like illness. This is especially true for the young and well individuals.

Persons at-risk include the elderly, especially with other co-existing medical conditions like cancer, heart and lung disease, so on so forth. These individuals may present with more severe respiratory symptoms including pneumonia and can rapidly deteriorate without hospital treatment.

Given the wide range of presenting symptoms, many people who have the infection may not even be aware of it. If you have any respiratory symptoms, whether it be a sore throat, cough, runny nose or even just a fever, you must be tested for COVID.

At Manningham General Practice we offer bulk billed COVID testing 7 days a week. This is conveniently performed as a drive through service in the carpark of our clinic in Lower Templestowe.

All patients need to firstly book, either on phone, or online and provide us with your car registration details. You will then be prompted to present to the carpark at the designated time, where you will be directed to the drive through section. A doctor will confirm your details before obtaining a swab collected from your mouth and nose. The procedure can be safely performed on all patients, including children.

Results of your COVID swab will generally be available within 5 days, and you will receive an SMS from Melbourne Pathology. If there is a delay with receiving your result, please contact Melbourne Pathology directly on 9287 7700

All of us can fight COVID together. Practice social distancing and hand hygiene, wear a face mask if you are heading outside your home. And if you have any respiratory symptoms, get a COVID test done and isolate at home until your results are available.

COVID testing At Manningham General Practice, we make sure that our patients are attended with utmost care and precision. Schedule your appointment with us now!