Dr. Harry Preston

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Dr Harry Preston

Dr Harry Preston graduated from Monash University in 1966. His extensive experience locally and internationally includes 20 years in obstetrics and gynaecology at Box Hill, Mitcham and St. Georges Hospitals, as well as private practice.

Dr. Eric Gassin

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Dr Eric Gassin

Dr Eric Gassin was born in Mauritius and lived in England for 2 years before emigrating to Australia in 1977. He graduated from Monash University in 1984 and after working in hospitals for 5 years began General Practice in Box Hill in 1989.

Dr. Phil Susman

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Dr Phil Susman graduated from the University of Melbourne in 1976. After 2 years’ Residency at Box Hill Hospital, he completed further studies in the UK in Obstetrics and Anaesthesia, gaining a D.A.

Dr. Andrew Monk

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Dr Andrew Monk

Dr Monk graduated from Melbourne University in 1977. He entered General Practice in Kew and Doncaster in 1980 after Residency Royal Melbourne Hospital.