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Manningham General Practice provides comprehensive care 7 days a week, including dedicated After Hours Care.

MGP make provision for 24 hour care for urgent medical problems. MGP is a private billing practice.

At Manningham General Practice we’re taking extra measures to keep you safe during COVID-19

Social distancing in waiting areas

Regular disinfection of all surfaces

Installation of perspex screens at reception

Removal of reading materials and toys

Staff wearing appropriate personal protective equipment

Regular staff health checks

Same Day Appointments

MGP provides comprehensive care 7 days a week, including dedicated After Hours Care.

World Class Facilities

We at Manningham General Practice pride ourselves on the facilities we provide to our clients.

Quality Doctors

All MGP doctors are vocationally registered and undergo continuing medical education and quality assurance programs.

Comprehensive Services

Providing comprehensive health care for the entire family.

MGP is a teaching Practice for the University of Melbourne and the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP), and regularly participates in ethical medical research studies. The Practice is completely independent from any external corporate influence, and has no financial interest in any of the other service providers within the Centre.

All clinical decisions and referrals are governed solely by serving the best interests of the patient.

Why it is important to have a family doctor

While most doctors specialize in treating one area of medicine, family doctors can be consulted in mostly all areas of medicine. They can treat people at different stages of your life, regardless of your age or sex. This also includes care for your physical, mental, and emotional health. Family doctors can build a caring relationship with you and your family. As they are familiar with your health history, it becomes easy for them to know what treatment will suit you the best. This helps them to make right decisions for you. Your family doctor is accountable for diagnosing and treating acute and chronic illnesses. They also offer routine health tests and counseling related to routine lifestyle changes. These routine health tests prevent emergence of health issues before they grow graver. In case there is a problem which is graver and requires more advance care, then your family doctor will guide you towards advance healthcare and relevant treatments.

How can your family doctor help you stay on the path of good health?
Every family needs to maintain a family doctor as they are also trained in preventive medicine. Preventing or avoiding a health problem is better than curing one. Our family doctors in Templestowe can help to keep you and your family healthy, for all areas of care under general practice. These include:
• Infant health care
• Elderly health care and regular medication
• Treating chronic conditions like diabetes, asthma and heart disease
• Medication during minor health problems like viral infections.
• Mental health care
• Bone and joint care
• Women’s wellness and guidance in family planning.
• Basic tests like X-rays
• Emergency medical care

Things which you must know about family doctors
You must know that family doctors need to keep themselves updated about current treatments and technologies. They also need to be accustomed for treating patients in the office, the hospital, and at home. Updating themselves enables them to apply the latest health advancements to their patients.
Family doctors also need to stick to the highest standards of health care. Also, family doctors need to complete minimum 150 hours of medical education after every 3 years. Additionally, family doctors need to have a certificate from the national medical association for carrying out medical practice.

When should you consult your family doctor?
After you choose your family doctor, you and your family should schedule an appointment with him/her for at least once a year. During this routine your doctor carries out physical exams and routine screenings. In case you have some specific concerns about your overall health, then you can get them cleared from your family doctor during the appointment. In case your doctor encounters any serious health problem, then he/she may also suggest you to meet up with a specialist in order to get the right treatment. Not only suggest, but your family doctor can also co-ordinate with the specialist in order to make sure that you get the best possible treatment.

So, if you are looking for a reliable GP in Templestowe, then Manningham General Practice is the best place for you. Here you will get expert consultation for your health problems and comforting service from our staff. We make sure that our patients are attended with utmost care and precision.

Schedule your appointment with us now and meet your own family doctor in Templestowe now.

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Our Location

Street Level (Level 4), Manningham Medical Centre
200 High Street, Lower Templestowe, VIC 3107
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Parking & Access

Manningham General Practice is located at the rear of the Manningham Medical Centre on the Street Level Entry (Level 4), and may be accessed either via the Main Entry (following the corridor), or by taking the lift from the undercover car park.

Manningham Medical Centre is on the corner of High Street and Manningham Road, and is readily accessible by both Public Transport and private car.

Ample parking for more than 200 vehicles are available to the front side and rear of the Centre, with undercover parking accessible via the High Street entry (Levels 1 & 2).

Disabled access and facilities are provided.

Our Health Services

Providing comprehensive health care for the entire family.
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Women's Health Checks

There are many screening tests and examinations the healthy women can undertake to help with detection of diseases such as bowel cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, cardiovascular disease, glaucoma, diabetes, obesity, as well as visual and hearing impairment.

Men's Health Checks

There are many screening tests and examinations that healthy men can undertake to help with detection of diseases such as bowel cancer, testicular cancer, prostate cancer, diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease.

Minor Surgical Procedures

Many of our doctors perform minor surgical procedures, under local anaesthetic, within in our well appointed operating theatre. Our patients appreciate the convenience of treatment at a time that suits them, with easy access to our community surgery and a quick return to their home or work.


Immunisation is a simple, safe and effective way of protecting people against harmful diseases before they come into contact with them in the community.

The Travel Clinic

Whether you are heading overseas for business or pleasure, it is recommended that you consult our Travel Medicine Clinic in advance.

Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking has immediate as well as long-term benefits, reducing risks for diseases caused by smoking and improving health in general.

Meet Our Doctors

Manningham General Practice currently have 24 highly professional in-house Doctors to cater to your needs. Specialising a range of medical studies.
Adolescent Health
Antenatal Care
Cardiovascular Medicine
Child Health
Chronic Disease
Cosmetic Surgery
Emergency Medicine
Exercise Physiology
Family Counselling
General Practitioner
Heart Disease
Men’s Health
Mental Health
Sexual Health
Skin Cancer
Soft-Tissue Surgery
Sports Medicine
Weight Management
Women’s Health
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