Manningham General Practice (MGP) is operated and fully owned by committed doctors who are dedicated to providing better health and wellbeing for all of their patients.1

With world class facilities and outstanding doctors and experienced managers, receptionists and nurses, our commitment to you and your family is to continue to be the leading provider in health care for the local community.

We offer a range of services (please see the services tab) within the practice and have a large range of complimentary services within the Manningham Medical Centre complex including radiology, pathology, pharmacy, allied health and specialist services. Let’s not forget that when you’re done you can also grab a coffee on your way home from our cafe located at the front of the building.

MGP doctors will always take the time necessary to deal fully with your medical problems. To minimize inconvenience to other patients please inform the receptionist at the time of booking if you feel that you may require a longer consultation e.g. for counseling, surgical procedures, insurance or other comprehensive medical checks, Centrelink reports, Pap smears, and complex or multiple minor problems.

Practice Opening Times

MGP provides a comprehensive 7 days per week service, including a dedicated After Hours Clinic (AHC)*.

  • Consultations are by appointment only
  • To make an appointment please call (03) 8840 1400 or book online below.
  • Every effort will be made to accommodate your preferred time

Mon to Fri – 8:00am to 8:00pm
Saturday & Public Holidays – 9:00am to 5:00pm*
Sunday – 9:00am to 1:00pm (excl. Christmas Day and New Years Day)
*1:00pm – 5:00pm: After Hours Clinic – Higher Charges Apply

Fax Number: (03) 8840 1499

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Billing & Fees

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Manningham General Practice is a Private Billing Practice. The fee schedule for consultations is posted in the Reception area. Please note that the fees charged for all consultations and procedural items do not exceed and in most instances are substantially less than the AMA recommended fees.

Running a general practice has become increasingly difficult in recent years, with the annual increase in medicare rebates falling well short of inflation.   As a result we are now privately charging Pension Card Holders from the 1st of November 2022.  

    • Bulk Billing Availability (Weekdays 8am-6pm):
      • Children 12 years and under. Private billing applies on all weekends and public holidays.
      • All new patient consultations are 30 minutes and will be charged at a Long Consult fee
    • Heavily discounted fees are offered to Health Care Card and Pension Card holders on weekdays 8am-6pm. Regular private fees apply outside of these hours.
    • Veterans Affairs patients are entitled to sign the Service Voucher with no out of pocket costs.
    • Third Party reimbursable accounts (WorkCover, TAC, etc) primarily remain the responsibility of the patient, who is also responsible for all ‘gap payments’ (if any).
    • Higher fees apply to all After Hours Clinic consultations.

The Policy at MGP is that Accounts need to be settled at the time of consultation, otherwise an
administration fee of $10 will apply to accounts not settled on the day. Cash, Cheque, EFTPOS and credit card facilities are available.

Manningham General Practice wishes to advise that we require 24 hours notice if you wish to CANCEL your appointment. Failure to inform MGP Reception Staff will incur a NON ATTENDANCE FEE OF $50.00.

Please be advised that there may be potential costs if you are referred for investigation, or for an initial consultation with a medical specialist or other allied health professional.

Fees Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm:

Private Fee Private Rebate Private Out of Pocket Health Care Card Fee Health Care Card Rebate Health Care Card Out of Pocket Pension Card Fee Pension Card Rebate Pension Card Out of Pocket Workcover / TAC Fee
Short $57 $18.20 $38.80 $38.20 $18.20 $20 $33.20 $18.20 $15 $57
Standard $90 $39.75 $50.25 $59.75 $39.75 $20 $54.75 $39.75 $15 $90
Long $160 $76.95 $83.05 $96.95 $76.95 $20 $91.95 $76.95 $15 $160
Prolonged $255 $113.30 $141.70 $133.30 $113.30 $20 $128.30 $113.30 $15 $255

Fees Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays:

Saturday AM Fee Saturday AM Rebate Private Out of Pocket Saturday PM, Sunday, Public Holiday Fee Saturday PM, Sunday, Public Holiday Rebate Saturday PM, Sunday, Public Holiday Out of Pocket
Short $62.50 $18.20 $44.30 $80 $30.65 $49.35
Standard $100 $39.75 $60.25 $115 $51.80 $63.20
Long $170 $76.95 $93.05 $200 $88.80 $111.20
Prolonged $275 $113.30 $161.70 $280 $124.50 $155.50