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You might face situations when you or your love ones need to see a doctor, but the clinic is closed? So what do you do when it’s not a medical emergency room situation, but still a doctor visit is necessary?

Then you might want to consult with an after-hours GP. We are an after-hours GP in Donvale, and we focus

1. You can get prompt treatment at any hour of the day or week.

What happens if you get ill on late Friday evening? Do you wait till Monday morning? And what if it gets worse? You do not have to worry about this now! Afterhours GP can help you to get a solution to this problem.

We are after-hours GP in Lower Templestowe who works all year round to serve our patients at any time of the day or week. Wish to schedule an appointment? Connect with us now!

2. You can get more personalized care

If you visit an after-hour doctor in Donvale, you will get an advantage of personalized attention and care from the doctor. Moreover, you can also take some preventive consultation from your after-hour doctor.

3. It is a convenient option.

Manningham General Practice’s Afterhours GP services in Donvale offer utmost convenience to patients. Also, it gives you peace of mind. Especially, for people who are on wheelchairs or confined to bed, the regular office visits can be a lot inconvenient. Also, it can be difficult for their family and friends to bring such patients to the doctor’s office for routine checkups, this is when an after-hours GP comes for the rescue.

4. Flexibility and comfort.

Having an after-hours GP available can give you peace of mind. This can be particularly true for those who face severe anxiety about their health. An after-hours GP can treat the patient according to their convenience and comfort. Also, once he/she develops a rapport with the patient, it is easier becomes easier for the patient to open up about his/her health issue.

5. An after-hours GP can keep a track of overall well being. 

Apart from treating specific health problems, an after-hour GP can also provide consultation for maintaining overall well-being. You may also seek preventive care measures to avoid certain health problems.

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Having an after-hours doctor available carries a lot of advantages. So, if you are looking for an after-hours GP in Donvale, then connect with us now!

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