Dr. Aida Karimpour

jackson English, Farsi

Dr. Aida MGP Melbourne

Dr. Karimpour completed her postgraduate training and Fellowship in general practice in 2016. Since then, she has worked in public hospitals and general practice.

Dr. Daisy Joseph

jackson English

Dr Daisy Joseph has been working in General Practice since 2005 completing her fellowship in General Practice in 2008. She has a postgraduate degree in Dermatology from the National Board in India.

Dr. Elean To

jackson English

Dr Elean To will be familiar to many local residents as she not only grew up in Manningham, she has also practiced in the local area since 1994. Since graduating in 1990 she has worked at the Monash Medical Centre and as a GP in Manningham.

Dr. Harry Preston

jackson English

Dr Harry Preston

Dr Harry Preston graduated from Monash University in 1966. His extensive experience locally and internationally includes 20 years in obstetrics and gynaecology at Box Hill, Mitcham and St. Georges Hospitals, as well as private practice.

Dr. Daisy Samuel

jackson English

Dr Daisy Samuel graduated from Monash University and entered General Practice after having gained experience in Emergency Medicine and General Medicine.

Dr. Sunday

jackson English

Dr Eva Youssef graduated from Monash University in 1985 and has worked in General Practice in Melbourne and Adelaide where she completed a Diploma of Obstetrics.

Dr. Prashima Ilango

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Dr Prashima Ilango completed her postgraduate training and Fellowship in General Practice in 2004. She has gained invaluable experience in the public health system and has been in general practice since 2001.